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Learning to Paint

We are all learners at different levels. Some are just starting on the road to develop artistic competence and others are developing their talent. We draw and paint in all mediums, and experiment with different techniques. You will find the style with which you are comfortable.

Leonardo da Vinci

"Studies of a Dog's Paw"


Learning from others

Alternate weeks we watch art films and films about artists. This allows us to "get into" the minds of artists and artistic presentation.

We kindly assess each others work to learn and to encourage.

"Mr Turner"

Timothy Spall

Oil Painting

The desire to Paint

It is a common perception that artists have a talent that other people don't have. You may think that you don't have any special talent or that you were not born with the ability to paint, but you may have the desire to paint. Non painters don't realizes how much endeavor artists put into studying their craft.

Group Leader's Comments

"Everybody, regardless of experience is welcome to join the group. The members paint just for pleasure, for themselves and others. All the paintings represent an artistic emotion or observation. Come and see us! "


Essential Information

Group Leaders - Ian Irving
Email -
When - Tuesdays
Time - 2:00pm-4:00pm
Where - Lanark
Requirements - Enthusiasm

Samuel John Peploe

"Tulips - The Blue Jug"

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