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Book Club 2

Man Reading a Book

Monthly Book

Our Book Club members share a curiosity about the world. We enjoy expanding our understanding of life through reading or simply enjoy a good read recommended by others.

The host provides tea/coffee and biscuits and we meet in one another's homes.

Wet grass


   Bert Baxter was OK today. He told me about the First World War. He said his life was saved by a Bible he always carried in his breast pocket. He showed me the Bible, it was printed in 1956. I think Bert is going a bit senile.

  Pandora! The memory of you is a constant torment!



  Barry Kent said he would do me over unless I gave him twenty-five pence every day. I told him that he was wasting his time demanding money with menaces from me. I never have any spare money. My mother puts my pocket money straight into my building-society account and gives me fifteen pence a day for a Mars bar. Barry Kent said I would have to give him my dinner money! I told him that my father pays it by cheque since it went up to sixty pence a day, but Barry Kent hit me in the goolies and walked off saying There’s more where that came from.’

  I have put my name down for a paper round.

Wednesday February 18th

 Bert Baxter read my letter while I was doing his rotten washing-up. He said they were ‘all a load of drug addicts in the BBC’! His brother-in-law’s uncle once lived next door to a tea lady at Broadcasting House, so Bert knows all about the BBC.

  Pandora got seventeen Valentine’s Day cards. Nigel got seven. Even Barry Kent whom everybody hates got three! I just smiled when everybody asked me how many I got. Anyway I bet I am the only person in the school to get a letter from the BBC.

Friendly Group

We benefit from the diversity of life experiences of our group during our lively appraisals of the books and authors. We enjoy reading and meeting with other readers in the group.

We try to choose our books 3 months in advance (one per month) by consensus on recommendations from our members.

Image by Amador Loureiro

Previous Books

• The Bookseller of Kabul' by Asne Seierstad
• The Shack' by William Young
• The Secret Scripture' by Sebastian Barry
• Where There is Evil' by Sandra Brown

Image by Julius Carmine

A Dirty Job (Christopher Moore: 2006)

“Charlie had Sophie strapped to his chest like a terrorist baby bomb when he came down the back steps. She had just gotten to the point where she could hold up her head, so he had strapped her in face-out so she could look around. The way her arms and legs waved around as Charlie walked, she looked as if she was skydiving and using a skinny nerd as a parachute.”

The world in a book

Whether you use an e-reader or a physical book you can find the whole world and every subject of emotion in a book.

Group Leader's comments

"We have enhanced our lives and knowledge through reading and sharing our experiences together. If you require any more information please contact me by email (see address below). "

Notebook and Pen

“There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures.”


– William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Essential Information

Group Leader - 
Email - 
When - Monthly on 1st Wednesday - 4:00pm-5:30pm
Where - Lanark & District
Cost - Cost of your monthly book
Requirements - None


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