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French Conversation

Book of French Laws

French Conversation Group - held monthly in our home in Braxfield Road, Lanark
3rd Thursday of every month 2.30 - 4.00pm
Those who have done French at school and can just 'get by' in France might like to practice and improve their conversational skills. Fluent speakers also welcome. 
There will be topics for discussion, quizzes, shared Francophile experiences - anything to help you laugh, live and learn!
To find out more email Frederick:-

The French Conversation Group will re-commence after the summer break with meetings to take place, as usual, on the third Thursday of the month beginning on the 21st September.
Time 2.30pm    36 Braxfield Road.  Tel 01555 66 42 04.
Anyone who wishes to join this group, who hasn’t previously attended, should contact Fredrick in advance.


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