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Film Club


Hollywood in Lanark

We aim to bring as many of the latest films as possible. We want to recreate the magic of the cinema without the hassle, and at a lower cost. You can bring your own refreshments. Suggestions for films can be made by members of the group.


100+ years of Cinema

Cinemas started at the turn of the 20th century and what amazing changes have been made. From silent films to talkies, from black and white to high-definition colour and, in addition, technologies such as 3D, Computer Graphics, etc.


Our memories of the Cinema

We all remember the cinema from out childhood, our teenage years, our first sweetheart in the back row, to taking our children and then the grandchildren to see many cartoons and animations. Some will remember Flash Gordon, Roy Rogers and of course, comedians such as Laurel & Hardy and Bud Abbot & Lou Costello.

Group Leader's comments

"We all love the cinema and the exciting films shown. We have quite a variety of films so come along and have an enjoyable evening."


Essential Information

Group Leader - Loraine Swan
Email -
When - monthly on Fridays at 7pm ( look out for specific date intimated on Facebook and by e mail)
Where - Greyfriars Church, Lanark
Cost - Donation of £2-£4 based on number of attendees
To join - Send an email to Loraine

Next Events

December - Friday 8th December. 'Fishermen's Friends One and All' 

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