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Gardening Group



We meet in the Crown in Lanark where we have various activities including discussing our gardening problems, watching presentations by members, visiting each others' gardens, visiting public gardens, swapping cuttings and plants and imparting our knowledge and experience to other group members etc.

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All skill levels

The emphasis of the group is sharing knowledge, tips and experiences. Gardening is fun, enjoyable and immensely satisfying when it all looks good as you look across your garden. Some people are in to vegetables while others focus on flowers. It is up to you!


Recent Gardens Visited

• New Hopetoun              Gardens
• CCI, Lanark
• Beeches Cottage          Nursery, Hawksland
• Viewpark Allotments
• Old Farm Cottage,         Nemphlar
• Visits to members' gardens and gardens open under the Scottish Gardens' scheme

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Joys of Gardening

Mankind has been gardening for thousands of years from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to our much less grandiose attempts. Everyone would like to have a better garden but not just during the summer. Very few people are taught gardening so we have to share knowledge with others and learn from our mistakes.


Group Leader's Comments

"Within the Group there is a variety of gardening knowledge and experience and that mix seems to work well as we have become a very happy and friendly bunch of amateurs."


Essential Information

Group Leader - Chloe Bennet
Email -

When - Second Tuesday of month
Time - 12.00
Where - Crown, Hope St, Lanark
Cost - Entry fee to public gardens when required and usually a light lunch
Requirements - Enthusiasm

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