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German Conversation Class

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New group starting.


German Conversation Class - Kaffeetrinken


First meeting will take place on Thursday 26th January at 3pm and every 4th Thursday of the month thereafter.


I would like to organise this class because I love the German language and so few people in Scotland speak it now. 


This class is for anyone who speaks German, from those with a smattering of the language,  to native German speakers. 

The idea is to meet once a month over coffee (or tea!) for a chat in German,  in an informal and relaxed setting. 

The first meeting will not be in German however - I'd like to meet with everyone first to help us get to know each other and sort out how to best to run the class to meet everyone's needs.

I am happy to hold the class in my house (Braxfield Road, Lanark),  although if the class decides to rotate the venue, that would be fine too.


If you think you might be interested , please come along to find out more.

Don't worry if,  like me,  you have forgotten more than you ever learned.

I am hoping that we learners  can all support each other to improve and that native speakers will enjoy a chance to speak their own language and help others at the same time! 


If you think you might be interested , please e-mail Margaret Logan for more info on



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