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German Conversation Class

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     GERMAN CONVERSATION                           CLASS


This group meets in Lanark (Braxfield Road) on the 4th Thursday of every month at 3pm.
Contact details : Margaret Logan . My e-mail address is
Kaffeetrinken is all about encouraging the speaking of German over a cup of coffee (or tea)! If you speak German, from a smattering of the language to native speaker level, this class could be for you. The aim is to have fun speaking German whilst helping each other to improve our command of the language.  The class begins with some informal catch- up chat, then breaks into smaller groups to discuss some questions on a theme which I send out in advance each month. Each group has a member who is a teacher of German which is a great help to less experienced speakers of the language. We are also very lucky to have some native speakers who don’t mind getting their brains picked when we are stuck for a word!  We are a fairly new group but it has grown quickly and feedback so far is very positive!
If you would like some more information, please contact me on the email address above.


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