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Pub   Lunch and Discussion

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Sociable Lunch


Before discussion starts, the lunch is enjoyed upstairs in the Crown Tavern. It normally consists of soup, sandwiches and tea or coffee. The bar provides alcoholic and non-alcholic drinks (not included in the £4 cost).

Each month, a topic is selected which may be of current interest or one requested by a group member. These can vary from light to serious. Every member of the group has their turn to put their point of view (if they want to - some just like to listen).


Typical Meeting

We usually expect a turnout of between 10 - 22 members. We chat and consume lunch between 12:30pm and 1:00pm before moving on to more serious discussion from 1:00pm - 2:00pm. Sometimes, a vote is taken, not with the formality of a debate but just to gauge views.

The aim of the group is friendly discussion that provokes interest, stimulates conversation, and builds friendship.

Image by Erik Mclean

Recent Discussions

• Climate Change
• The BBC - is it worth it?
• UK's Foreign Aid Budget
• Tourism :do we have too many tourists?
• Are we becoming a more secular society?
• Music : has it enhanced your life?
• Is the Internet a force for good or evil?
• Modern Art : con or culture?
• Journalists and journalism : are they in present danger

Friends Talking

Points of view

The discussions will help us to understand a subject more deeply; improve our ability to think critically; give us the chance to hear other ideas; increase our confidence in speaking; and may change our attitudes.

Group Leader's comments

"Some of the discussions get quite animated, but always in a friendly way. While some have strong views (and are willing to express them), the topics always illuminate the different points of view.
If you like to chat, to enjoy discussion, and have a bite to eat then maybe the discussion group is for you."

Christmas Spirit

Essential Information

Group Leader - Jill Murie
Email -
When - First Friday of the month
Time - 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Where - Crown Tavern, Hope St, Lanark
Cost - £4 which includes lunch, tea/coffee

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