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Scottish Country Dancing

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The programme of dances will depend on those coming, but there will be a plethora of top bands on CDs to accompany jigs, reels and strathspeys.

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Essential Information

Group Leader - Hilary Spoun
Email -
When - 

Meetings at 10.15 are in The Thistle Bowling Club at the bottom of Castlegate. Here are some updates for this group:

This is a friendly and welcoming dance class for all levels of dance expertise. We love total beginners! If they are attending they MUST let Hilary know by text by the Tuesday before the Thursday of that week. 07791947508 Sessions at the Thistle Bowling Club 10.15 until 12 o'clock 2024 April 11 25 May 2 9 Last session is now Thursday May 9th and dancing will resume mid September. Please contact Hilary on 07791947508 if you would like to dance on Thursday mornings. This class is a very mixed ability group of dancers, who dance for fun.


The cost is £3 for each session. 
Requirements - Those coming should pack enthusiasm, dancing or soft soled shoes, and hand sanitiser.

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