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Members' requests are considered and we often meet prior to a show for a meal or refreshments. Travel is often by coach, train or independent travel and often by Shanks' Pony! Camaraderie, fun, learning, appreciation of the arts and joie de vivre are on offer so come along - you will be made most welcome

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Previous Events:


The Importance of Being Earnest

The Steamie

Various variety concerts

Next Events:
Please contact the group leader for the next programme of theatre visits.  

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The Magic of the Theatre

Much like books and movies, theatre shows allow us to escape for the time being. Not like books or movies though, the theatre often feels more real since the audience shares the same space as the actors. While shows can help us enter the world of the story and temporarily leave our own lives, this escape can also bring meaning into our lives as well. Maybe the story presents a different perspective of the world that you didn't notice before. Often, theatre performances demonstrate to us the love, strength, determination, etc. that we need to move forward in our own lives.


Group Leader's comments

"Come and enjoy an escape from the day to day, feel the excitement of the theatre and the spectaular scenes. You will love every moment !!"

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Essential Information

Group Leader - Loraine Swan
Email -
When - Approximately monthly
Cost - Varies by show
To join - Send an email to Loraine
Disability - Disabled access available at all theatres

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