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  L&D u3a Ukelele Band


Making music

We will be starting from the beginning and we are very fortunate to have, as our tutor, Ian Murray , Musical Director of Duke’s of Uke in Biggar.

Our aim is to make this as informal as possible; we want members to enjoy every session and progress at their own pace. Success will be for everyone in the group to play with confidence and enjoy this wonderful instrument.


Ukulele facts

The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of a Portuguese small guitar- like instrument.

Beatle George Harrison was an avid ukulele fan and before he passed away he had collected hundreds of ukuleles.
The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong loved to play the ukulele.


Playing for Pleasure


I like playing the ukulele because it allows me to be part of a friendly team of people that welcome anyone, at any level of experience, to be part of their group. In addition to bringing a grin to each and everyone in the group, they make those that see them perform, feel happier.


Group Leader's Comments

"There's something about the ukulele that just makes you smile. It makes you let your guard down and it brings out the inner child in all of us."


Essential Information:

Group Leaders: 

Moira Campbell; email:
Beginners - 

Kenneth McCartney


When: twice per month. 1000-1200; beginners 1300-1500 

Where: Lanark Bowling Club, Waterloo Road, Lanark ML11 7PZ

Cost: £7 per 2 hour session, plus annual Bowling Club Social Membership fee. 

Requirements: Ukulele, tuner, music stand

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