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Walking Group


Short walks

The short walks are usually 2-3 miles in length without too many hills or obstacles. This should take 40 mins to an hour plus rest stops/photo ops, etc. If you can sustain better than a stroll (a moderate walking pace) for this time then you should find these walks just fine for you.

You will have plenty of time to chat to your fellow walkers and get some needed fresh air.


Longer walks

The longer walks are a little bit harder. Usually these are 4-6 miles long and can include some stiff hills and challenges (fences / gates, cows, etc.).

You should be comfortable walking at an average walking pace (3mph) - the shorter walks will help you build up to these. 


The benefits of walking

Walking may help to slow down the aging process and it works no matter what age you get started. Exercise buys you three to seven additional years of life. Join with other U3A members for a chat while enjoying the countryside.


Here we are enjoying a lovely walk in the fabulous Lanarkshire countryside on a smashing summer's day. 

Of course, the weather is changeable in these parts so a bag with waterproofs is a good idea. 

Walks will include both town and country venues.


Essential Information

Group Leader - Emily Rorke
Email -
When - Second Friday of the month at 10.00
Cost - Coffee/lunch money if applicable. 
Requirements - You will need sturdy walking shoes and weather-proof clothing.

A stick or walking pole is a great balance aid for awkward terrain.

For the longer walks you may want to bring some refreshments.

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