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Book Buffs


Book of the Month

At present we choose our books by consensus from an extensive list provided by Lanark Library. We discuss our different attitudes towards the story and how we feel about it. The group views are very diverse in how they see the story and it's characters..

Image by Paul Bulai

Sunday 2 September 1666

(Lord’s day). Some of our mayds sitting up late last night to get things ready against our feast to-day, Jane called us up about three in the morning, to tell us of a great fire they saw in the City. So I rose and slipped on my nightgowne, and went to her window, and thought it to be on the backside of Marke-lane at the farthest; but, being unused to such fires as followed, I thought it far enough off; and so went to bed again and to sleep. About seven rose again to dress myself, and there looked out at the window, and saw the fire not so much as it was and further off. So to my closett to set things to rights after yesterday’s cleaning. By and by Jane comes and tells me that she hears that above 300 houses have been burned down to-night by the fire we saw, and that it is now burning down all Fish-street, by London Bridge. So I made myself ready presently, and walked to the Tower, and there got up upon one of the high places, Sir J. Robinson’s little son going up with me; and there I did see the houses at that end of the bridge all on fire, and an infinite great fire on this and the other side the end of the bridge; which, among other people, did trouble me for poor little Michell and our Sarah on the bridge. So down, with my heart full of trouble, to the Lieutenant of the Tower, who tells me that it begun this morning in the King’s baker’s house in Pudding-lane, and that it hath burned St. Magnus’s Church and most part of Fish-street already.

Samuel Pepys' Diary

Be a Book Buff

A love of reading can start at any age. If reading grips you, it will never leave you. There are more books than we will ever be able to read. In this group you can share your views and interests.

Please email Loraine at the address below for more information about the group.

Image by Sandra Frey

October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate of colds among the staff and students. Her Pepperup potion worked instantly, though it left the drinker smoking at the ears for several hours afterward. Ginny Weasley, who had been looking pale, was bullied into taking some by Percy. The steam pouring from under her vivid hair gave the impression that her whole head was on fire.

Raindrops the size of bullets thundered on the castle windows for days on end; the lake rose, the flower beds turned into muddy streams, and Hagrid's pumpkins swelled to the size of garden sheds. Oliver Wood's enthusiasm for regular training sessions, however, was not dampened, which was why Harry was to be found, late one stormy Saturday afternoon a few days before Halloween, returning to Gryffindor Tower, drenched to the skin and splattered with mud.

The Book Addict

You know you are a book addict when you prefer reading to almost any other leisure activity. You know you are a book addict when you want to finish reading the book but don't want the story to end. You know you are a book addict when you can really get lost in a book. 

John Steinbeck said "I guess there are never enough books" - We all have a reading list that we shall never finish but there is more to a book than just the reading. Being a member of a book group provides the opportunity to share reflections and explore beyond the words. "

Green Pastures

 Bill Bryson

They do things differently in the Dales, you see. For one thing, people who know you come right in your house. Sometimes they knock once and shout ‘Hullo!’ before sticking their head in, but often they don’t even do that. It’s an unusual experience to be standing at the kitchen sink talking to yourself animatedly and doing lavish, raised-leg farts and then turning around to find a fresh pile of mail lying on the kitchen table. And I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to dart into the pantry in my underpants at the sound of someone's approach and cowered breathless while they've shouted, 'Hullo! Hullo! Anyone t'home?' For a couple of minutes you can hear them clumping around in the kitchen, examining the messages on the fridge and holding the mail to the light. Then they come over to the pantry door and in a quiet voice they say, 'Just taking six eggs, Bill - all right?'

Essential Information

Group Leader - shared
Email - 
When - Monthly on 3rd Monday
Time: 10.15
Where - Lanark Library Costs - Donation ( £1) for Tea/ Coffee ( subject to change )
Requirements - Love of reading

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